Welcome to Central Hudson's Information Center
for Retail Suppliers

Online Information and Data Access
The Information Center for Retail Suppliers enables you to obtain online up-to-date information regarding your participation as an energy supplier in Central Hudson's Retail Access Programs.

>> General Information  about the Retail Access programs.

>> Usage History

>> Approved Suppliers Only
    - Consolidated Bill Rates
    - Consolidated Bill Messages
    - eBids
    - ESCO Contact Update
    - Real Time Enrollment Info
    - Billing Determinants
    - Customer Lists
    - Meter Readings
    - POR Reports
    - Settlement Info

    - Market Match
    - Zip +4 and Customer Counts

>> Energy Manager To view electric interval data

>> Gas Tracking System To manage the daily natural gas nomination and balancing process

In accordance with the UBP established in Case 98-M-1343, Central Hudson will respond within five (5) business days to requests for data and information for which an EDI transaction is not available. These requests include, but are not limited to, requests for capacity tags, interval data for prospective customers and questions related to gas billing determinants. While Central Hudson makes every attempt to respond to your request the same day, in order to avoid duplicate efforts we ask that you please allow two (2) business days before forwarding the same request to any contact at Central Hudson. Requests for this type of information should be sent to RetailAccess@cenhud.com (for interval data) and EnergyManager@cenhud.com(for capacity tags and billing determinants).