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Q. When I try to sign up for eBills Online, I get sent back to the Customer Self-Service Log In page with the message "You Must Log In To Customer Self-Service". What am I doing wrong?

A. Verify that your preferences for your browser security have not been modified to "Disable" Cookies. If you are using Internet Explorer you need to "Allow cookies that are stored on your computer". This is found in the Security settings in the Internet Options dialog under the Tools menu. If you are using Netscape Navigator you need to, at minumum, accept "Cookies Sent Back to the Originating Server". This is found in the Preferences Dialog under the Edit menu.

Q. I can't log in with the password that was mailed to me. Customer Self-Service doesn't recognize my password. Why?

A. The password is case sensitive. A common mistake is to enter letters in lower case when they should be in upper case or in upper case when they should be lower case. Also, make sure your keyboard "Caps Lock" light is not on.

Q. I forgot my password. What do I do now?

A.If you lose or forget your password or User ID, you can retrieve it by answering the security question that you selected and answered during your initial Registration Process. You will then receive your new password via Email. You can change this password to one you can remember, any time you log in.

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